For FUENTE, styling means a lot more than just creating a shape. The Styling & Finishing products, in fact, provide for support, conditioning and an enhanced hair structure. So the hair stays in the desired shape in the long term, with a brilliant shine and in perfect condition. A creative finish with an ultimate final touch: that is Styling by FUENTE. Exclusive products for natural styling of very divergent looks. From accent to hardrock styles. And suitable for every type of hair, offering intensive protection while sustainable and easy to wash out.


Molding Glace - 150 ML

  • Water Soluble gel
  • Gives a very solid effect to hair
  • Does not dry out hair
  • Leaves no flakes
  • Easy to remove with water. Not sticky on hands
  • With a heat protection until 300 degrees

The number of squares on the packaging denotes the strength of the styling product. One square denotes a light styling product, while five squares mean a very strong styling product.

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