Rhassoul shampoo is made from mineral clay found in the Moroccan mountains. The variety of minerals is the factor primarily responsible for the excellent effect on hair. It ensures that nature takes its innate course in nurturing damaged hair. Rhassoul clay is especially effective in fully restoring the natural balance. The uniqueness of this raw material is that it is suitable for all types of hair. The combination of Rhassoul shampoo (the effect of which reaches below the cuticles) with Rhassoul Treatment Mask afterwards (which penetrates even deeper into the medulla of the hair) is truly an experience that completely restores the hair’s natural balance. The wonderful scent comes from the Damask rose from Morocco.

Rhassoul Mousse Shampoo - 150 ML

  • For all hair types
  • Ingredients include Quinoa, Moroccan Lava Clay and Damask rose from Marocco
  • Adds Suppleness and gloss
  • Protect the hair and scalp

For the best result Rhassoul Mousse Shampoo in combination with the Rhassoul Treatment Mask.

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