Nature Wellness is a product built up of moistureregulating elements and proteins. That makes it suitable for every type of hair. Use of Natural Wellness can be ideally combined with any product from the other lines from Fuente.

Soft Ice

Soft Ice - 150 ML

Soft Ice Leave in Conditioner is the perfect conditioner that optimizes the moisture balance in the hair and protects your hair and color. Makes your hair soft without weighting your hair down, shiny and full of vitality.

The special ingredient formula contains Lactic Acid from Yoghurt Powder that nourish the hair, Guar provides combability and Pro Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) hydrates the hair. Your hair will be also protected against heat; until 300 degrees. This means that your hair will be fully protected during the use of straighteners and all other ways of thermal styling.
• Heat protection until 300 degrees
• Optimizes moisture balance in the hair
• Protects hair color
• For all hair types
• Apply on damp hair, comb evenly through with your fingers. Don’t rinse out
• Contains lactic acid from yoghurt powder, guar and pro vitamin B5.

Tip: combine Soft Ice with Ice Cream. Start blow drying with diffuser for a curly effect or with a round brush for a voluminous, firm and long lasting hold.

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