This product line from FUENTE ensures an optimum moisture balance in the hair. Moisture Wellness Shampoo, M&P Conditioning Care and M&P Treatment create a perfect final result. It ensures elasticity, suppleness and gloss.

Each product has its own effects, but as a complete line Moisture Wellness makes sure that optimum hair quality is achieved and every hairstyle falls perfectly into shape.

Moisture Wellness Shampoo

Moisture Wellness Shampoo - 250 ML

  • When moisture is lacking
  • Ingredients include soya oil, sesame oil, and nettle
  • Regulates the moisture content of hair and scalp
  • Adds suppleness and gloss
  • Maximizes moisture retention
  • Stimulates the circulation
  • Protects the hair and scalp
  • Beneficial to the elasticity of the hair

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