Tierra Colors by FUENTE is the basis for natural hair coloring. This coloring provides for a warm, authentic, intense and expressive look, especially friendly for hair and scalp. Tierra is an ammonia-free line of colors made up as much as possible of natural elements. COLORGANIC MUD Tierra Colorganic Mud by FUENTE is an organic based color using the fusion power of Moroccan Lava Clay and Yeast. Micro-organisms in the yeast make sure the hair expand. Colorganic Color Mud takes advantage of that principle to bring the color deep into the hair in an organic and natural manner.


Colorganic Mud - 60 ML

COLORGANIC MUD COLORS Hair coloring without unnatural heat treatment, very long lasting, superb natural colors and a really fantastic shine on the hair, all based on totally new natural ingredients, makes Colorganic Color Mud the most innovative coloring launched in recent years. Contains Moroccan Lava Clay and Yeast Contains quarternised wheat protein PPD free 100% grey coverage Keeps hair in top condition and provides for a exceptionally lovely shine on the hair.

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